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This contest is open to all women over the age of 18; there is NO upper age limit!  The initial qualifying show round of the contest will be held during "Comdex Week" in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada - the entertainment capital of the world, on Saturday evening, November 17th, 2001!  The contest is not affiliated with Comdex, which last year brought about 270,000 visitors to Las Vegas!  Other rounds through the Grand Finals will be held later.

The "Ms. Computer Expo of 2001" does not require you have any particular computer skill or don't even have to know how to operate a computer.  It's a title and award you can be proud of, and who knows, it can help advance your professional career, especially if you're interested in working as an actress or model!

With over a quarter million visitors to Las Vegas expected the week of the contest, this is a great opportunity for you to get publicity and exposure.  Of course, you can Win Great Prizes, too!  To see the prizes available, just click here. Media personnel are expected at this event, so you can "strut your stuff" for the media!

The only restrictions on entry are that you must be a woman aged 18 years or older, and you CANNOT be a member of an actress' or models' union, such as SAG, AFTRA or EQUITY - however if a career as a model or actress is your goal, the publicity and exposure you can win in this contest might be just the thing you need to give your career a jump-start!

Picture yourself winning the "Ms. Computer Expo of 2001" Grand Finals - imagine how that can help your career, not to mention all the prizes you can win!  So don't delay...enter today.  Just click here for your Entry Form! Your entry form and attachments must be received by October 31, 2001 so don’t delay – enter today!

JUST ANNOUNCED!  Cumulative judging for additional categories.  You can improve your chances of winning by entering additional contest categories/classifications because points awarded are cumulative!  For the exciting details, see the Entry Form and/or Contest Rules!

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For contest rules, click here

To get your Entry Form, click here

To see the Prizes, click here

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