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Great Prizes can be YOURS if you win the Ms. Computer Expo 2001 Contest and Show to be held in conjunction with Comdex in fabulous Las Vegas on Saturday, November 17th, 2001

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Here's your chance to become an actress if you win the movie part that goes to the Grand Finals Winner, and you can win other exciting prizes, too. Picture yourself as the winner of the "Ms Computer Expo 2001" held in Las Vegas during Comdex week - an estimated 200,000 attendees will be in town...will your looks and talents be discovered?

Look no further. You'll find it all when you visit the "Ms Computer Expo 2001" contest site!

Here's your chance for fun, travel, entertainment, excitement and your chance to win lots of great prizes if you've got the looks, attitude, body and talent!

The "Ms Computer Expo 2001" contest and show's initial qualifying show round will be held in fabulous Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world on the evening of Saturday, November 17th, 2001.  If you enter, you can win a $1,000.00 US Treasury Bond, travel, fun and lots of other great prizes.  To see the prizes, click here!

Here's your chance to win a part in a movie, calendar modeling assignments, a poster modeling assignment, other acting roles and more, so don't delay, enter today!

So don't delay...enter today! Your Entry Form must be received by October 31, 2001 for you to qualify for the fun, excitement, travel and prizes, so click here and enter this great career-making contest now!

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